Barbara Rose

People engage in Psychotherapy for a number of reasons.
Quite often it is because they have a sense that a problem has deeper roots, maybe all the way back to early life and family.:

  • You may have a specific problem you want to solve
  • Or you are in situation which seems to be repeated through various life stages.
  • Perhaps a work conflict is getting to you
  • Maybe a feeling of being on edge, quick to anger
  • Perhaps you can’t sleep very well with troubling thoughts that won’t go away, disturbing dreams or insomnia
  • Pregnancy and birth, being a new mother has stirred up anxieties and feelings which are difficult to place
  • The behaviour of one of your children stirs up strong emotions
  • A relationship/marriage breakup has got you in to deep grief and distress.

Solutions and answers to our complex human lives are not able to be pulled out of a book.
Resolution and Integration are found in the relationship between client and therapist.
I have learned to work with the person in front of me, rather than a “technique”, drawing on my deep understanding and compassion for the human condition and causes of suffering.